Comfort and accessibility are of the utmost importance in dialysis clinics. Patients with mobility issues need to have a scale that eliminates tripping hazards and maximizes comfort, while receiving the most accurate results. Luckily, Detecto has devised the Solace In-Floor Dialysis Scales.

The Solace Series is easily accessible for patients using any kind of mobility assistance such as canes, walkers, wheelchairs, dialysis chairs, and stretchers. The flush-mounted stainless-steel platform scales provide years of maintenance-free use while eliminating all tripping hazards and hallway accessibility issues—perfect for high-use clinics, emergency rooms, and clinical facilities. For added stability a tubular handrail can be added.

These in-floor scales can easily accommodate any patient. The very high weight capacity of 1,000 lbs can easily accommodate patients that are non-ambulatory with 8 standard models that reach sizes of up to 6ft x 4ft. The Solace Series provides plenty of space for accurate weighing can even come in customized sizes for clinics and offices that have special needs.

When it comes to spacious weighing platforms for the dialysis industry, Detecto delivers with a spacious, comfortable, and accurate weighing scale for all patients.