When it comes to Veterinary Scales, Detecto is the first choice for veterinarians. Detecto has scale sizes and capacities that can accommodate man’s best friend at any size.

Detecto’s VET-70 and VET-330WH both feature a low-profile, stainless steel platform for easy access and easy cleaning. These durable platforms will stand the test of time against scratches and messy “patients.”

The VET-70 features a 12”X 14”, 70lb scale for smaller pets. The VET-330WH provides a large 36” X 22” platform for larger pets and smaller livestock. The VET-330WH has a maximum capacity of 330lbs—large enough for most pets and small farm animals.

Both scales can be easily moved. The VET-70 is under 30lbs and can be easily carried from workstation to workstation. The VET-330WH, despite its larger size, features built-in wheels and a carrying handle to quickly and effortlessly move the scale when bringing the scale to the patient.