Highway weigh stations provide a unique problem regarding weighing systems. Time, space, and speed are of the utmost importance. Carriers need to get their cargo down the road in a safe and fast manner. Achieving all of these objectives will save trucking companies and owner operators the costs associated with time restrictions and fuel. Most importantly, the truck trailers have to be of legal weight to avoid costly fines.

Cardinal Scale features a wide array of scale platforms and technology to expediently and safely get vehicles to their destination. At the cutting edge of technology, Cardinal Scale has developed weigh-in-motion (WIM) scales that combine speed and accuracy.

Cardinal Scale’s slow-speed weigh-in-motion (SWIM) is ideal for ports, freight terminals, and commercial fleet axle weight monitoring. The SWIM provides cost-effective means for measuring truck axle and gross weights with a single 12ft by 30in weighbridge at speeds up to 20mph. This space-saving technology will occupy only a fraction of the space needed for full-length static truck scales.

QWIM scales offer a great combination of performance, costs, and maintenance. The QWIM can weigh vehicles at speeds up to 80mph. This is a great application for traffic monitoring, ramp sorting, and virtual weigh station applications. This QWIM application can be installed in less than 12 hours which will minimize lane closures and traffic congestion.

If a static scale is needed, the ARMOR and SRL provide great options. The full ARMOR line provides concrete and steel decks with digital and hydraulic stainless-steel load cells. These scales have industry-leading maximum weight capacity and concentrated load capacity (CLC). The Guardian Concrete Deck Truck Scale is a low-profile, in-ground option when space is in low supply. The SRL Pit Type also provides high-capacity weighing concrete decks that are very low profile.

Cardinal Scale provides unique solutions for the transportation industry and help keep profits flowing. All of these unique products will keep transport vehicles moving quickly and efficiently for many years to come.