Solid waste industries require scales and scale accessories that will be accurate and dependable in the face of extremely harsh environments and highly repetitive loading environments. Since solid waste facilities need accurate information regarding waste collected and disposed, Cardinal Scale supplies the scales, indicators, and software systems to overcome the difficult environment the solid waste industry brings with it.

Cardinal Scale’s truck scale lines are more than capable of meeting the challenge of hauling waste. Cardinal Scale’s ARMOR and Guardian lines feature industry-leading capacities for maximum strength and resilience in waste hauling operations. Available in concrete and steel with digital and hydraulic load cells, Cardinal Scale’s truck scales can be customized to any of the many needs of the solid waste industry.

Cardinal Scale’s indicators, software, mobile apps, and vehicle recording system software are capable of providing any solid waste business with the tools to accurately control data, provide ticketing systems, and automate processes for fast, effective organization.

With all of these resources at hand, managers at solid waste facilities can know exactly what is happening in their day-to-day operations. Once again, Cardinal Scale gives the solid waste industry the keys to fast and organized business flow.