Cardinal Scale’s load cell kits come in a wide range of varieties and uses. Cardinal Scale’s load cell kits are used in a variety of industries ranging from agricultural needs to suspension hoppers in industrial to hydraulic kits that are utilized for tank and hopper weighing. All of Cardinal Scale’s load cell kits are constructed with durable, heavy-duty steel and come in groups of 3 or 4 or 6 or more load cells and stands. The load cell kits come in electronic, digital, and hydraulic load cell varieties to fit any industrial weighing application. The overall weight capacities per load cell kit can vary greatly, ranging from just a few thousand pounds to 800,000 pounds! Cardinal Scale’s new DC Series Digital load cell kits even feature new technology that has erased much of cumbersome wiring and the junction box for easier transmission of load cell data. Cardinal Scale features load cell kits can be used in suspension, compression, and shear load cell applications for vessel weighing.

SBCS Electronic

Cardinal’s SBCS electronic load cell kits are for use with Cardinal SB series self-checking shear beam load cells only (cell not included). These self-checking shear beam stands are available in mild or stainless steel and include lower load cell mounting plate, upper mounting plate, hardened steel load button, bolts and lock washers for securing load cell to stand. Available capacities range from 2,500 to 20,000 lbs.

CBCS Electronic

Cardinal’s CBCS Electronic self-checking, light capacity load cell stand kits are for floor mounted tank or hopper scales. Ideal for 3 or 4 legged tanks, in new or existing installations. Easy to install, low-profile design and rugged, environmentally-sealed, stainless steel load cells provide excellent performance and self-centering load buttons protect against offset side loads. Available in 3 or 4 cell systems in capacities ranging from 330 to 1,600 lbs.

SW Stretch Wrapper

Cardinal’s Stretch Wrapper and Baler load cell mounting kits come with four or six load cells, articulating feet, stainless steel summation junction box and 30 feet of load cell cable. Incorporating Cardinal’s environmentally-sealed, waterproof SB beam type load cells, each system has a capacity of 10,000 or 15,000 lbs depending on the number of load cells. Rapid, accurate weighing translates into optimum performance in any operation, and Cardinal’s load cell package helps you reach that goal. This kit provides you with the latest in weighing technology. Cardinal’s unique load cell assembly is self-aligning and environmentally sealed for those less-than-perfect locations. A complete kit for floor-mounted stretch wrappers, balers, or conveyors.

TBCS Electronic

Cardinal Scale’s TBCS self-checking electronic load cell kits are versatile weighing modules for wide-ranging applications such as tanks, hoppers, silos, bins, and mixers. They are ideal for new installations or existing conversions. The TBCS series uses stainless steel TB load cells that are manufactured by Cardinal Scale and come with mild or stainless steel rugged, bolt-in-place stands. The kits include three or four stand assemblies, load cells, stainless steel junction box, and cables. Self-centering load buttons protect against offset loads to ensure reliable weighing. System capacities vary based on the number of cells from 3,000 lb to 16,000 lb, and they are easy to install with a low-profile design. The TCBS’s shear beam load cells are ideal for harsh conditions and unforgiving workloads. They are suited for indoor or outdoor applications and resilient to temperature, moisture, and vibration fluctuations.

THBC Electronic

Cardinal Scale’s THBC electronic load cell kits are ideal for weighing tanks, hoppers, mixers, and conveyors. These self-checking load cell kits are available with mild steel or stainless steel stands, system capacities ranging from 7,500 lb (3,400 kg) up to 200,000 lb (90,700 kg), and stainless steel waterproof load cells. The THBC kits are ideal for medium-to-heavy capacity tank and hopper weighing, new or existing installations, and accommodate multi-legged tanks with up to 10 legs. They offer an easy-to-install, low-profile, bolt-down design. Each kit comes complete with 3 or 4 stainless steel load cells, self-checking load cell stands, load cell cable, and a stainless steel junction box. Special self-centering load buttons protect against offset side loads. The rugged, environmentally-sealed SB series shear beam load cells, also manufactured by Cardinal Scale, are NTEP, OIML, and VCAP certified.

CenterPoint Self-Checking

Cardinal’s CenterPoint Tank/Hopper Scales utilize double-ended shear beam stainless steel load cells with center load design. The bolt-in-place mounting assembly with articulating top plate makes them ideal for indoor or outdoor weighing applications. Available in three or four legged mounting assemblies with mild or stainless steel stands and self-checking sliding pin design, the CenterPoint load cell kits are perfect for mixing, blending, batching, inventory control, and general weighing. Combine them with one of Cardinal’s state-of-the-art 200 series weight indicators for a complete digital weighing system. Capacities range from 7,500 to 200,000 lbs.

CCL Heavy-Capacity Compression

Whether it be tank, hopper, or vessel weighing, the heavy-duty CCL-SCA series floor stand tank scales are specially designed for heavy-capacity static concentric loads. These specially-designed load cell kits bolt directly to the floor and the accompanying tank, bin, or hopper. The compact CCL-SCA stand design is engineered to minimize stand installation time. In addition to quick installation, each CCL-SCA unit lacks the need for additional external stabilizing hardware. The CCL-SCA standard system capacities range from 150,000/68,000 kg capacities to 800,000 lb/363,000 kg capacities, and feature 3 or 4 cell mounting stand configurations. These robust load cell kits are ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications, whether they be new installations or kit conversions.

HBC Hydraulic

The Cardinal HBC hydraulic tank/hopper scale systems are designed to keep weighing accurately even in the harshest conditions and are the most reliable tank and hopper scales on the market. No power is required within the scale itself, offering the ultimate in lightning protection. They feature stainless steel load cell construction and each system is supplied with a totalizer cabinet and 20 ft of copper or optional stainless steel tubing per load cell. Self-checking 3 and 4 legged stand assemblies are available in mild or stainless steel. NTEP legal-for-trade certified (consult factory). Capacities available from 7,500 to 400,000 lbs.

AG Bar Agricultural

Cardinal’s AG Bar Agricultural load cells are manufactured with a durable alloy steel, polyurethane sheathed cables, and potted sealed strain gages protected by steel shroud these cells can stand up against rain, snow, dust, mud or anything else mother nature can dish out. The four-point scale system quickly installs beneath mixers, tanks or other containers, trailer and truck mounted structures, or even to support pallets or platforms for other farm weighing requirements. System capacity options include 3,000 lb, 30,000 lb and 72,000 lb. Each kit comes complete with 4 load cells, mounting pads and 30 feet of load cell cable with connector. These efficient farm scales provide an economical approach to agricultural weighing.

THTC Suspension

Cardinal Scale’s THTC series load cell kits are designed for use with suspended hoppers and tanks. Sixteen models are available in 3 or 4 cell arrays all featuring environmentally-sealed stainless steel load cells. The THTC weighing systems are resilient to temperature, moisture, and vibration fluctuations. The kits come with linkage options such as threaded rods (standard), J-bolts, or a combination of a threaded rod and a J-bolt, as well as custom-length rods. Each load cell kit comes complete with three or four linkage assemblies, stainless steel tension load cells, mild steel linkages, stainless steel junction box, and load cell cables. THTC kits are ideal for environments when floor-level restrictions include equipment, sanitary issues, or load-out applications. These load cell kits range from light-to-heavyweight applications—750 lb to 80,000 lb capacities. The load cell adapter and thread rod assembly are Teflon isolated.

AC Series Electronic

Cardinal Scale’s AC series load cells and electronics provide everything you need for a vehicle scale, minus the weighbridge. These stainless steel compression load cells feature anti-rotation mounting with extra robust upper and lower cups and a self-centering column. The NTEP and OIML certified AC series analog load cells come in either 22,700 kg / 50,000 lb or 45,000 kg / 100,000 lb capacities. They feature a stainless steel, weatherproof junction box and 50 ft /15 m of cable per load cell. The IP69K-rated AC series is interchangeable with Cardinal Scale’s SCA series compression load cells for high-capacity vehicle scales and tank/hopper scales. These heavy-capacity compression load cells are are ideal for multi-cell applications and prevent unwanted forces from affecting load cell performance.

DC Series SmartCell Digital

Cardinal Scale’s DC series SmartCell® stainless steel compression digital load cells daisy-chain together for ease of wiring and the cables connect automatically to the load cell. Internal load cell circuitry eliminates the need for a junction box. The OIML-certified DC series come in either 22,700 kg / 50,000 lb or 45,000 kg / 100,000 lb capacities and they include iSite remote diagnostic monitoring software with automatic text/e-mail alerts. The DC series feature SmartCal for easy calibration, anti-rotation, and extra robust upper and lower cups. The stainless steel IP69K-rated DC series may be interchangeable with Cardinal Scale’s SCA load cells for complete digital conversions on vehicle scales and tank/hopper scales. Sense leads are no longer required like in analog load cells since variations in systems voltage no longer affect the load cell.

SCBD Series SmartCell Digital

Cardinal Scale’s SCBD series SmartCell® stainless steel digital load cells proven technology internally calibrates, promoting linear calibration to full capacity, and eliminating the error curve for voltage. Messy, time-consuming wiring is no longer necessary—cables connect automatically to the load cell. An added bonus for such a simple cell-to-cable design is load cells are linked directly to one another, yielding a more convenient system. Internal cell circuitry eliminates the need for a junction box. Each IP69K-rated waterproof stainless steel load cell is completely encapsulated and filled with a potting compound to fill all internal voids and prevent any potential for moisture entering the load cell. No external checking necessary.

GTSC Hydraulic

GTSC hydraulic load cell retrofit kits allow various Cardinal Scale and competitors’ truck scales to be upgraded to utilize Cardinal Scale hydraulic load cells. Cardinal Scale’s hydraulic load cells provide the highest level of protection against the most adverse conditions that hamper or destroy load cell functionality. Conditions such as moisture, water, lightning, power surges, corrosion, shock loading, temperature fluctuations, and damage from rodents are guarded against due to Cardinal Scale’s superior design and performance inherent in hydraulic type load cells. The GTSC truck scale retrofit kits are NTEP-approved, legal-for-trade for system capacities ranging from 60 tons to 120 tons. Each kit contains SST model hydraulic load cells, a GHT model hydraulic totalizer, replacement copper tubing, base plates, leveling bolts, anchor bolts, load buttons, load plates, and the accessory kit.