ARMOR Digital Truck Scales

The ARMOR® Digital Truck Scale is not like other truck scales. It is an advanced digital system that is top-to-bottom different (and superior) to your grandfather's truck scale. From the manufacturer of the very first all-steel truck scale comes the all-new, state-of-the art ARMOR® digital truck scale with SmartCell® load cells loaded with benefits.

ARMOR Weighbridge Comparison Analysis

Cardinal Scale’s engineering team studied every truck scale on the market when developing the ARMOR truck scale weighbridge. The design team researched key weaknesses in competitor’s truck scales that led to breakages and structural integrity issues and looked for ways to improve upon every facet in a truck scale design. This video illustrates the FEA performed and demonstrates why the ARMOR® weighbridge is superior to every other truck scale on the market.

ARMOR Digital Truck Scales Demo Video

This fast-paced live action demo video shows ARMOR digital truck scales weighing multiple trucks and explains the numerous product features.

ARMOR Truck Scales: Competitive Advantages

Cardinal Scale’s ARMOR truck scale weighbridges provide many distinct advantages over the competition and this video explains why.

ARMOR Weighbridge Manufacturing Processes

This video lets you see inside working production machinery at the Cardinal Scale factory in Webb City, MO during the manufacture of an ARMOR.

SCBD SmartCell Load Cell Moisture Protection

Moisture is the biggest enemy of load cells and this video illustrates the patented water protection inherent inside and out of the SCBD SmartCell used in ARMOR truck scales.

SmartCell Digital Load Cell Cables Video

Robust SmartCell® digital load cell cables provide maximum resilience against external factors that can prevent scale data transmission.

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• Unmatched performance built to last a lifetime of heavy-duty weighing use
• Standard platform sizes from 12 ft to 160 ft long and 10 to 14 ft wide
• 135-ton overall scale capacity standard
• 8-inch-high clearance below load cells avoids debris accumulation affecting weighing
• axis frictionless centering system load cell stands with gravity-driven technology
• Heavyweight 50-ton CLC (Concentrated Load Capacity)
• Bridge connections are directly in line with load cell supports and I-beams
• Tightly-spaced I-beams for optimal structural integrity
• Cloud-based iSite remote monitoring software
• E-mail and text notifications diagnostic alerts
• Load cell pockets completely surrounded by I-beams
• Uninterrupted I-beams run from headplate to headplate
• Long-lasting baked-on tan powder coat paint that is UV resistant
• No moving parts below the scale deck (including the load cells)
• SmartCell stainless steel waterproof digital load cells
• Custom sizes are readily available to fit existing pits and foundations

• Widest selection of truck scale applications and technology available from one source
• Cardinal Scale has always been recognized as experts in heavy-duty truck scales
• Global network of authorized Cardinal Scale dealers for installation and service
• PE-certified professional engineering staff
• Also manufacture indicators, remote displays, and vehicle recording software
• Single source convenience and security
• The first scale company to manufacture all-steel mechanical motor truck scales
• The first scale company to manufacture portable, self-contained motor truck scales
• The first to manufacture fully electronic, low-profile, all-steel motor truck scales
• Shipped products into 150 countries and dealers in over 110 countries
• Featured on the Science Channel's "How It's Made" TV show three different times
• Family-owned and privately-held company, founded in 1950
• Factory and corporate headquarters located in Webb City, Missouri, USA
• ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and VCAP certified