Cardinal Scale’s TBCS self-checking electronic load cell kits are versatile weighing modules for wide-ranging applications such as tanks, hoppers, silos, bins, and mixers. They are ideal for new installations or existing conversions. The TBCS series uses stainless steel TB load cells that are manufactured by Cardinal Scale and come with mild or stainless steel rugged, bolt-in-place stands. The kits include three or four stand assemblies, load cells, stainless steel junction box, and cables. Self-centering load buttons protect against offset loads to ensure reliable weighing. System capacities vary based on the number of cells from 3,000 lb to 16,000 lb, and they are easy to install with a low-profile design. The TCBS’s shear beam load cells are ideal for harsh conditions and unforgiving workloads. They are suited for indoor or outdoor applications and resilient to temperature, moisture, and vibration fluctuations.