DETECTO’s 6855MHR series multifunctional digital handrail scales with height rod are made for obese and unsteady patients and feature a balanced design that can be easily tipped back for transport on its rubber wheels. The low-profile platform, wide base, convenient handrails, and slip-resistant mat make them ideal for bariatric patients and aid user assurance while weighing. The 6855MHR features 600 lb x .02 lb or 270 kg x 0.1 kg capacity (selectable upon initialization), OneWeigh units locking to avoid dosage errors, 18 in W x 14 in D / 46 cm W x 36 cm D platform, low-profile 2-inch-high platform height, Body Mass Index, and printer connectivity. Wi-Fi/Bluetooth are available on some models for wireless EMR/EHR connectivity. The scale’s mechanical height rod measures 24 in to 84 in x 0.1 in / 60 cm to 212 cm x 0.1 cm. The height rod accounts for the scale’s platform height that it is mounted above.

The scale’s indicator is easy to use with only 5 basic keys, plus directional arrows for factoring BMI. The Lock/Release key can hold and release the patient weight, allowing the medical professional time to attend to the patient first and then record their measurements. The ability to print or save weight data is a real time-saving device for hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, long-term care centers, and other medical facilities.

Healthcare for disabled, obese, and elderly patients requires products which meet specific capabilities. DETECTO’s 6855MHR bariatric scales cover a wide range of patient type weighing and measurement needs in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, bariatric departments, and dialysis centers. The scale’s sturdy stainless steel handrails allow users the advantage of a firm brace to hold onto while weighing and measurement takes place. This makes the life of the nursing staff easier during the process. Since the handrail is built into the weighing platform, you are assured that all measurements are highly accurate when the patient supports themselves on it.

With the BMI function capability, you can determine the ratio of the weight to height using the indicator’s arrow keys, which provides objective data on the nutritional condition of the patient. The scale may be powered by 6 AA batteries (not included) allowing you to use it anywhere. Order an AC adapter with the scale by ordering models with -AC suffix.

The scale’s handrails are manufactured in beautiful stainless steel and almost all other components are powder painted mild steel for long-lasting durable construction. Dual integral wheels allow you to tip the scale back and roll it wherever needed for transport within your facility. The scale’s outer dimensions with the height rod folded down are 29.1 in W x 17.2 in D x 49.5 in H / 73.9 cm W x 43.7 cm D x 125.7 cm H. OIML Class III compliant models are also available by adding a -KGEU suffix when ordering (capacity: 300 kg x 0.1 kg for OIML class III models).