Cardinal Scale’s AB-4 series all-stainless steel overhead track scales are ideal for weighing products being transported by a conventional single overhead track and trolley system. This 2,000-lb x 0.5-lb scale is optimal for weighing products being conveyed in many industries, such as storage warehouses, produce and meat packing plants, or any manufacturing process using this type of conveying system. The AB-4 is available with your choice of three rail lengths – 24 in, 30 in, and 50 in – making it easily adaptable to almost any rail hanger spacing. Its rugged construction ensures years of continuous, trouble-free use. Non-corrosive stainless steel material provides for easy cleaning and washdown. The AB-4 incorporates Cardinal’s stainless steel SB load cells and the wash-down model 205 weight indicator that can be desk or wall mounted. Measurement Canada approved.