Cardinal Scale Electronic Products Fuel Rapid Growth for Malaysian Truck Scale Dealer

  • April 18, 2022

Case Study: Cardinal Weighing Malaysia


Cardinal Weighing Malaysia is an independent truck scale dealer that has served customers in Asia since 2002. Their digital weighbridges using Cardinal Scale Manufacturing electronics –specifically DC load cells and 225D indicators— are expected to reach a new record high this year due to market demand. They have been gaining popularity in Malaysia in recent years due to high demand for digital weighbridge systems since their market views analog systems as obsolete and at risk of being phased out.

Cardinal Weighing Malaysia’s clients are pleased with the iSite remote monitoring system, because their technical team has been able to deploy and attend to issues indicated by iSite as soon as the failure notification is sent, many times before the customer even notices. Their clients are impressed with their technicians’ ability to carry out the maintenance and replacement of digital load cells efficiently and quickly, which is enabled by the Cardinal digital system’s plug-and-play connectivity. The fruitful collaboration and technology innovations from Cardinal Scale Manufacturing have been able to keep Cardinal Weighing Malaysia at the forefront of their truck scale market in Malaysia.

Previously known as Advance Weighing System (AWS), the company changed their name to Cardinal Weighing Malaysia in 2008 to improve their brand name recognition and reputation when they became an exclusive Cardinal Scale authorized dealer. With 20 years of experience and expertise, the company’s specialization in Cardinal Scale products has helped them grow to now serve the needs of customers not just in Malaysia, but also in Africa, South America, Bangladesh, Brunei and Sri Lanka.

Cardinal Weighing Malaysia Managing Director Lee Kian Wei says the decision to partner with Cardinal Scale has been the key to the company’s continued success and fueled growth.

“Our customers like Cardinal Scale products for their convenience, sturdiness, and reliability,” says Wei. “Our customers appreciate the reliability of Cardinal’s load cells, especially the DC, AC and SB load cells, and the quality of the 225D, 205 and 185 indicators.”

Wei notes that Cardinal’s cutting-edge technology gives their customers features and premium customer service that competitors can’t match.

“Cardinal’s load cells, especially the digital load cells, are convenient and sturdy, and the networking iSite system allows us to identify problems and issues quickly” says Wei. “Our customers appreciate the fact that we already reach out to them before they even inform us of an issue because we receive the software notification the same time they do. The design makes maintenance fast, and SmartCal provides us with an easy calibration experience. The extra robust upper and lower cups of the DC and AC models provide a longer lifespan for the load cells. And the technical support we receive from Cardinal is prompt and hands-on. We can quickly carry out maintenance, calibration and replacement jobs which minimizes downtime by a big margin.”

Offering a quality product and exemplary service keeps business booming, says Wei.

“We have seen an incredible increase in the market demand for Cardinal’s digital weighbridge systems as analog systems become obsolete and phased out,” he says. “We are growing because we invest in our customers, not advertising. Our products speak for themselves and our customers have a good experience and good support.”

Digital load cells manufactured by Cardinal Scale have been embraced by customers ready to take advantages of evolving technology. They like the digital load cells’ ability to daisy chain without the need for a junction box, so it makes maintenance and replacement of cells and cables more efficient.

Over the last few years, we’re seeing customers prefer digital systems, like Cardinal’s DC load cells, as they understand the capabilities and advantages of digital systems,” says Wei. “Initially, my customers had to trust me when I recommended Cardinal products. Today, our customers trust the Cardinal brand even more than I do, and this will actually lead our company to be much more successful in the future.”

Wei says the company’s plan includes expansion and growth. The company is headquartered in Selangor, with two service branches in Penang and Johor Bahru, and expansion plans toward the country’s east coast over the next few years.

“Our team of 24 employees is growing, and we aim to have 40 employees by the end of 2025,” says Wei. “Today, Cardinal Weighing Malaysia owns 12 percent of the market share in the truck scale sector in our country, making us one of the dominant market players.”

Operating in Malaysia provides Cardinal Weighing Malaysia with some unique challenges. The population of Malaysia is only 32 million, so the market size for weighing services doesn’t fluctuate much over time, but the company has found success in servicing a diverse customer base.

“Our core business is supplying and installing truck scales, platform scales, tank weighers and automation control systems as well as providing calibration, maintenance and 24/7 breakdown support and repair services,” says Wei. “Our customers’ industries include quarries, rubber, steel, oil and gas, refineries, flour mills, palm oil mills, paper, iron, sand, and logistics.” The most common truck load type to roll across a Cardinal Weighing Malaysia weighbridge is an oil tanker trailer, since a large portion of their business serves industrial areas, oil palm plantations, and refineries.

Cardinal Weighing Malaysia also provides system integration services, calibration and certification, and conversion of weighbridges of any brands into Cardinal weighbridge systems with full relocation services. Their system integration services help customers create an end-to-end business process that spans across multiple systems. They are certified by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs for using certified test weights to check, test, adjust, and calibrate their customers’ industrial scale systems.

Wei says that Cardinal Scale’s attention to detail also pays off big in Malaysia. For example, Cardinal Scale’s homerun cable does well due in challenging warm weather, high humidity climates due to its stainless steel connections, protection against rodents, and ability to carry a strong signal. Cardinal Scale’s weight indicators are recognized as the most reliable indicators in the Malaysian market.

International partnerships have their challenges, but Wei says quality products from Cardinal Scale, hard work from his staff, and a business-minded government policies have made success possible for his business.

“We always work hard to keep our customers fully satisfied so that they remain loyal,” he says. “But it is easy here to conduct business with foreign companies thanks to the support of our government regarding logistics and financial transactions.”

In the last few years, the trend towards digital weighing has helped propel Cardinal Weighing Malaysia to the forefront of their truck scale market as customers begin more and more to understand the advantages of going digital. This push will help the dealer’s continued expansion and growth.