Liquid Gold Profit Monitoring

  • November 5, 2018

To the common person, it is assumed that it’s easy for bars and restaurants to garner profits from mixed drinks and spirits. However, a massive amount of competition can make running a lucrative alcohol-serving establishment very challenging due to a number of factors.

Many aspects of the bar industry can provide road blocks from gaining much needed profits: high amounts of competition, competitors copying successful models, and rising costs of products present interesting challenges for owners to maintain a comfortable profit margin. Because of the aforementioned factors, the range of profitability can vary greatly for a bar or restaurant. Having a system to maximize profits can greatly mitigate the stress from these damaging aspects of operating an institution serving alcohol. After all, alcohol products are capable of producing the largest profit margins for restaurants and bars.

In lieu of reducing product selection (potentially losing customers) and reducing storage locations, one of the simplest solutions to monitoring profit margins in serving alcohol is instituting some kind of weighing system for drink portioning. Rather than simply estimating the amount of alcohol per drink (which can vary wildly between bartenders), weighing a drink on a scale can deliver repeatable results, ensuring the exact amount of alcohol is added to each drink. Over-pouring the recommended or baseline amount of alcohol per drink can cost a proprietor hundreds to even thousands of dollars in an evening. Weighing the alcohol per drink (dosing) prevents adding too much of a given spirit to a drink—saving money in the long run.

Appropriate dosing will also prevent free drinks from being passed out without authorization. Whether deliberate (giving drinks to friends or acquaintances) or not (having to smooth over an order mistake), owners can track and monitor situations where this might occur. Proprietors will also be able to monitor the amount of liquor spilled by bartenders during the day, reinforcing care with alcohol products used during their shift. Alleviating all of these distressing elements leads to more consistent servings for patrons, giving them the feeling of satisfaction and, ultimately, loyalty.

DETECTO can work with customers to provide a powerful measuring tool to maximize profit margins for restaurant and bar owners. Instituting a weighing and inventory system is one of the easiest and most effective measures a proprietor can make to increase efficiency and sales. The added control and confidence from making shrewd decisions is worth the investment and provides a more consistent for the customer in the long run.

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