Cardinal Scale’s NTEP-legal-for-trade-certified Olympus SST series concrete deck low-profile side rail truck scales come with Guardian hydraulic load cells which are impervious against lightning strikes and water damage and come with a lifetime load cell warranty. Olympus vehicle scales are engineered and manufactured for ease of shipment to job sites around the world with bolt-together installation that will provide years of reliable, accurate truckload weighing. These 28-inch/70-cm-high, low-profile side rail scales are designed to minimize costs associated with delivery to job sites. Guardian hydraulic SST load cells are severe-duty rated for protection against electrical surges, lightning, and water damage.

Cardinal Scale’s Olympus truck scales bolt together for the field pouring of concrete. The 18-inch/455-mm-high I-beam, hip-style construction features a 8-inch/200-mm concrete deck (concrete not included). Olympus truck scales stand up to heavy truck loads with their wide-flange I-beams utilized throughout the weighbridge that add rigidity to each side of the truck scale and serve as guide rails for safe truck loading.

All Cardinal truck scales go through an extensive 3-stage washing system at the factory, which washes the scale completely to remove all mill scale and surface imperfections. The weighbridges are then powder-coated with zinc-enriched anti-corrosion paint and baked in an industrial oven at 450° F degrees for two hours. This baked-on powder paint provides a weatherproof UV-protected finish due to the maximum coating adhesion preparation.

Olympus truck scales include the foundation kit, standard rodent protection, and bolt-down anchors. Anti-corrosion industrial tan powder coat paint is standard on the weighbridges. Rebar and deck sheeting is not included.​