New APEX-RI Series Portable Scales with Remote Indicators

  • November 5, 2018

DETECTO’s new apex® series APEX-RI portable clinical scales with remote indicators feature an integral carrying handle and compact design for portable or permanent weighing use. With the indicator’s versatile mounting bracket, the display can be set up separately from the base and read from its position on the wall or desktop making it suitable for stationary or mobile use. The 6 ft/1.8 m cable from the scale base to indicator allows you to place the display wherever it’s easiest to read.

DETECTO’s APEX-RI series scales feature an extra-wide, flat platform measuring 17 in W x 17 in D x 2.75 in H. The apex® scales offer a high 600 lb x 0.2 lb / 300 kg x 0.1 kg capacity, 0.75-inch-high clinical-blue LCD weight readouts, BMI calculation for checking nutritional status, AC or 12 AA battery power (AC adapter included on some models), 2 RS232 serial ports, 1 micro USB-B port, and HL7 IEEE 11073 compliance. They are ready to use right out of the box in just a few seconds with no assembly needed. Wi-Fi Ethernet/Bluetooth models are available for wireless connection to healthcare/fitness mobile apps.

The lift-off apex® platform cover may be removed for easy wipe-down cleaning or to quickly replace the 12 AA batteries. The scale’s structural base integrity is manufactured rock-solid for optimal patient safety and stability. Thanks to the apex® scale’s carrying handle, compact size, and minimal weight it can easily be transported wherever needed.

The apex® features a high-tech, smart-phone-style indicator for easy utilization with 6 simple buttons and a bold LCD display for large readouts. Weight and height are displayed onscreen simultaneously and the scale automatically locks on weight temporarily for a few seconds in order to easily view and record the patient’s measurement. The AC adapter included on all
-AC models has multi-pin-input, snap-in choices for the US, UK, EU, Australia, and Japan, providing the apex® with international power available for use around the world.

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