SlimTalk Demo Video

  • November 5, 2018

DETECTO’s SlimTALK and SlimTalk XL talking bathroom scales are ideal for the elderly, obese, blind, and telemedicine use. This 3-minute demo video shows how easy the scale is to use for the vision impaired. The SlimTalk provides a clear, pleasant voice announcement of the weight in two languages: English or Spanish (switch selectable).

The extra-wide platform accommodates patients of all sizes, and the low-profile platform is only 1.4 in/36 mm high for easy access. The bilingual SlimTALK scales feature a 400 lb/180 kg or 550 lb/250 kg capacity, 3 AAA batteries included, large 1.5 in/38 mm high LCD digits for clear readouts, and 5 carpet feet included. The step-on/off function allows for weighing without stooping to switch on the scales and conserves battery life.

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