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OIML Certificate of Conformity number R76/1992-DK1-01.02 for the 200, 205, 210, and 210FE digital weight indicators.

Australian NSC, Supplementary Certificate of Approval No S433 for the 200, 205 and 210 digital indicators.

Measurement Canada Certificate, Approval No. AM-5397 Rev. 4 for the 200 Series digital weight indicators.

NTEP Certificate of Conformance, Certificate Number: 01-011A8 for the 200 Series digital weight indicators.

European Declaration of Conformity, for the 205/210/210-FE/212GX digital weight indicators.

Intertek Authorization to Mark for Cardinal and DETECTO weight indicators.

DELTA, EC Type-Approval Certificate, No. DK 0199.387 Revision 3 for the 205/210/210-FE/212G/212GX indicators.

NMO Certificate of Registration, Approval Number: 0145