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Bulletin for the 825 Spectrum with a color 640 x 480 pixel back-lit touchscreen LCD, QWERTY keypad, and navigation keys.

Single-page flyer detailing the 825 Spectrum Custom App for a multi-scale application with E-mail alerts.

Bulletin detailing the 825-CBW complete control package for continuous weighing of bulk commodities.

A chart comparing the models 185/185B, 190, 200, 201, 205, 210, 210FE, 212X, 212GX, 225, and 825 indicators.

Case study of an in-and-out multi-platform railroad scale at a large grain facility using Remote Weigh mobile app.

Brochure for Cardinal Scale's Mobile App for Truck Weights and ID Storage Remote Control of the 825 Spectrum Indicator.

A configuration guide for relay options with model/part numbers, descriptions, specifications, and dimensions.