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Bulletin for the 225 Navigator with a 240 x 64 pixel graphics display, navigation keys, and alphanumeric keypad for data entry.

Single-page, color flyer for adding USB-A ports to Cardinal 200 Series Indicators using the 2XX-USBA Option Card.

A chart comparing the models 185/185B, 190, 200, 201, 205, 210, 210FE, 212X, 212GX, 225, and 825 indicators.

Case study of a California cherry packing operation, using fourteen conveyor lines with EB150-LPAN bench scales.

Case study at M & R Brand Packing Facility, using forty-two 10 x 10 inch platform, 30 lb. EB bench scales.

Case study at a Pepsi-Cola factory using an 80-ton by 10-kg capacity Cardinal truck scale and 225 Navigator indicator.

225-PANEL mounting dimensions blueprint for mounting the 225 Navigator indicator in a panel.

A configuration guide for relay options with model/part numbers, descriptions, specifications, and dimensions.