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Flyer featuring the SmartCell® digital load cell onscreen diagnostics capabilities of the 225D Indicator.

This article explains the differences between digital truck scales and digital conversion boxes and their advantages over analog truck scale systems.

Flyer with dealer testimonials for the ARMOR Truck Scales with SmartCell® digital load cells.

Bulletin for the ARMOR Digital Truck Scales featuring CON-LOCK concrete deck design and SmartCell® load cells.

This 12-page cost justification guide booklet explains the questions to consider before purchasing a truck scale and reasons why the ARMOR digital truck scale provides the best ROI.

Flyer featuring the heavyweight capacity and construction of the ARMOR Truck Scales with SmartCell® digital load cells.

This flyer compares the service and installation costs of ARMOR SmartCell truck scales vs. analog truck scales.

The process behind Cardinal Scale's patent-pending SCBD SmartCell load cell potting method.

Informative flyer outlining the benefits and features of Cardinal's patented SmartCal one-step method of calibrating scales.

Flyer featuring the optional peripheral equipment to consider when purchasing a Cardinal Truck Scale.